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Serving Tullahoma and the surrounding areas

Tullahoma, TN

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For Tullahoma And The Surrounding Areas

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Affordable Dental Tullahoma has over 30 years of combined experience with cosmetic dentistry and dentures and partials. Get personalized attention and professional techniques here.

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We have new patient offers of only $29 for an X-ray and an exam and $129 for an X-ray, an exam, and a cleaning.

$99 without Prophy.

Restrictions apply!

Walk-ins and emergencies are always welcome for any dental care services needed!

AFFORDABLE is in our name! You'll always receive prices and special offers that will make you smile! See our pricing list.

We offer you expert services on cosmetic dentistry and dentures and partials. Our technicians use the latest professional techniques.

Emergency and Walk-ins Available